The Star

The Star is a novel about a father who was a seaman, a mother who was raised in a childrenís home, and how they meet at an outdoors dance event in the middle of Copenhagen and have a child.

Itís about the familyís life in a ground-floor flat on Nansen Street. It also concerns the entire peculiar menagerie living on that street, about which one can say: Here everythingís possible.

Itís about being one missionizing sperm cell among billions, a manipulative fetus and a child with its eyes wide open.

Itís an account of whatís to be found at the bottom of a swinging beer mug, at the bottom of the sea under the fatherís ship, and in the most remote recess of the universe.

The Star is a novel that deals with lifeís most commonplace aspects as well as its most miraculous. Itís about life and death Ö and everything in between: that which keeps us going, that which we love, the essence itself - that pulsating life.

The Star

Novel 2004

Lindhardt og Ringhof


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