My Neighbourhood

When someone asks me in which part of town I live, I give a proud smile, spread out my arms and say: I live on Christianshavn. Implied, naturally, where else?

The author Laila Ingrid Rasmussen has written a book about her neighbourhood Christianshavn. Itís about the very close everyday events in the neighbourhood: If a bomb explodes on a stairway. About a suicidal that takes the journey beyond the golden rails at Our Savior's church tower. About police cars on the street, seagulls in the air, holes in the ground, about tear gas, chestnut trees, drunks, neighbours and schoolkids. About everything you see and think about while passing by, as time passes and you walk through the neighbourhood.

It's about what it means to be a very ordinary person, a mother in the midst of life, amidst the big city ... when the girl moves away from home and the boy gets his hair cut with spikes in all directions ...

My Neighbourhood

Short stories 2010



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