The 12th Leg

On January 11th 2007 the inspection ship Vædderen cast off the moorings at Lyttelton Harbor in New Zealand and made directly for Antarctica.

The cruise, lasting a month, was part of the Galathea 3 expedition’s circumnavigation of the globe and was designed to collect data and disseminate scientific research via the Internet, television and newspapers.

On board the ship was a crew of a hundred men, consisting of naval forces, journalists, researchers and the fiction writer Laila Ingrid Rasmussen.

The 12th Leg is the author's personal and poetic records from this trip. In words and foto a story about life and death, humans and animals, and an ocean that are much larger and more empty and misty than you can imagine, is told.

The 12th Leg

Logbook 2009

Lindhardt og Ringhof


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